Integral Humanism

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Integral Humanism is an economic model given by the great visionary Pandit Deendayal Upadhayay. Integral Humanism put emphasis on decentralization and attaches immense importance to the economic progress of every human being. In India, Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s approach is a perfect example for this, ‘minimum government, maximum governance’ and sabkha sath, sabkha Vikas kind of principles are at the core of each and every policy of our current government, and its results are remarkable. In the words of Pandit Deendayal Upadhayay:

  1. Society is self-born. Like an individual, society comes into existence in an organic way. People do not produce society. It is not a sort of club, or some joint stock company, or a registered co-operative society. In reality, society is an entity with its own “SELF”, its own life; it is a sovereign being like an individual; it is an organic entity. It has its own life. Society too has its body, mind, intellect and soul.

  2. ‘Chiti’ is a nation’s soul. The strength and energy activating the nation are called “Virat” and channeled by ‘Chiti’. The place of ‘Virat” in the life of a nation is similar to that of Prana in the body. Just as ‘Prana’ infuses strength in various organs of the body, refreshed the intellect and keeps body and soul together; so also in a nation, with a strong ‘Virat’ alone can democracy succeed and the government be effective. Then the diversity of our nation does not prove an obstacle to our national unity. The difference of languages, occupations, etc. are present everywhere. However, when the ‘Virat’ is awake, diversity does not lead to conflicts and people co-operates with each other like the various limbs of the human body or like the members of a family.

  3. The source of national feeling is not in staying on a particular piece of land, but that source is in the goal which is put before the people. When a group of persons lives with a goal, a mission, and looks upon a particular place of land as motherland, this group constitutes a nation.

  4. Man the highest creation of God is losing his own identity. We must re-establish him in his rightful position, being him the realization of his greatness, reawaken his abilities and encourage him to exert for attaining divine heights of his latest personality. This is possible only through a decentralized economy. According to this model, the Objectives of an Economic System should be:

–An assurance of minimum standard of living to every individual and preparedness for the defense of the nation.

–Further increase above this minimum standard of living whereby the individual and the nation acquires the means to contribute to the world progress on the basis of its own ‘Chiti’.

–To provide meanings employment to every able bodies citizens by which the above two objectives can be realized and to avoid waste and extravagance in utilizing natural resources.

–This system must help and not disregard the human being, the individual. It must protect the cultural and other values of life. This is a requirement which cannot be violated except at a risk of great peril.

–The ownership, state, private or any other form of various industries must be decided on a pragmatic and practical basis.

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